This is the profit graph for our own funded AlgoLab trading account which started with $55,000 and has been controlled by AlgoLab running continuously with no interruptions since it's inception in August 2016. The risk of loss in trading futures can be substantial. Please consider if futures are appropriate to your financial situation.

starting value

ending value


ave annual return

ave annual drawdown


Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. There are other reasons why your trading account may not exhibit the same performance results as our model house account shown above. Read more below.

There are many reasons why your trading account may not exhibit the same performance results as our model house account shown above.

1. To avoid excessive slippage due to too many orders for the same symbol at the same price at the same time, AlgoLab distributes entry and exit orders for a trade over a period of time and range of prices. This will result in different fill prices between accounts.

2. AlgoLab uses limit orders to enter new positions. A limit order does not guarantee a position. The result is that some AlgoLab trading accounts are filled on some new positions and some are not.

3. Through the AlgoLab dashboard, users can change trading settings like adjust the number of contracts traded for each symbol, turn specific symbols on or off, restrict the bias (long or short) for specific symbols, pause trading, increase or decrease leverage, circumvent trading system rules by manually exiting positions, change trading systems, and many other custom settings. Since our model "house accounts" never change from the default settings and trading system, and have never stopped or paused trading, this has resulted in differences between customer trading results and the results published for our model house accounts. There have been periods of time where some customers have outperformed the house accounts due to their specific settings changes, and periods of time where customer accounts have underperformed due to these settings changes.

4. If you are trading with less than $100,000 of capital, AlgoLab automatically reduces the number of symbols you can trade to an optimized selection with the goal of minimizing potential drawdowns. Performance results for these accounts are different than the performance of our model house accounts.

For an estimate of trading performance using different capital levels, leverage, and other trading settings please use the "Performance Viewer" back testing web application which is available in your free demo dashboard, or your funded account dashboard.